Control Element

Control Element – The year of the Zodiac!

This year we are looking for a symbol of the zodiac, which can appear in the form that you choose.

Remember! You must submit the details of your control element and it MUST BE APPROVED by Z-Fest for your film to be entered in the festival.

While we do need to see the control element in your film, we do not have a set time amount that it needs to be on screen. You do, however, need to note a description and the time-stamp at which the element appears on screen when you drop off your film.

A picture of your control element should be uploaded to your Google Drive in the control element folder.  Then you should write what it is in the appopriate cell on the status page.  We will highlight the cell GREEN when it is approved.  If it is highlighted YELLOW, that means it has NOT been approved.





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