Control Element Information

Z-Fest IX (2018) – This year’s theme (for the control element) is Time Travel.  

Your film must include a visual element which relates in some way to time travel.

Be creative!  An email with an image attached explaining your concept must submitted to in advance of your film’s creation.  An email approval will be sent to you within a few days, at most.  If you have questions about this requirement, please feel free to send us an email to

Remember – You must submit the details of your control element and it MUST BE APPROVED by Z-Fest for your film to be entered in the festival.

While we do need to see the control element in your film, we do not have a set time amount that it needs to be on screen.

For example, put in a time machine or a reference to one.  Time Machines have been made out of just about everything from a Stainless Steel Car, a phone booth, to a man size Duffel Bag! Your task as a filmmaker is to come up with something just as creative! Make the time machine your own.  Here are some examples for inspiration:

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Ok so you’re not that creative, or your film really has nothing to do with time travel in the slightest…

Well to prove you are making your film for a premiere at Z-Fest and to qualify for cash and prizes simply include a reference to someone’s else’s time travel masterpiece.

You can use coffee mugs, t-shirts, film posters, plush toys, legos, books, be creative and put this in your film somewhere. Remember it does not need to be FRONT AND CENTER but it does need to be clearly visible (not obscured) and time stamped to that our judges may be able to easily verify it in your film.


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