Film Content Guidelines

The general rule for film content is that if your film could be aired on network television, then it is acceptable.

Z-Fest Film Festival will NOT ACCEPT:

  • Films which contain nudity, pornography, or a representation thereof, for any length of time in any context or zoom level, including images that do not contain actual nudity but appear to be images of nudity due the context or framing.
  • Examples:
    • Exposed breasts
    • A close-up of an elbow which appears to be an exposed nude human buttocks.
    • A close-up of an exposed body part in which the body part does not appear to be nudity due to the zoom level.
    • A quick cut of a naked body or body part which is not fully perceptible due to the duration of the cut.
  • Films which contain scenes which make derogatory or inflammatory statements about individuals or groups of people.
  • Films which are intended to harm someone‚Äôs reputation.
  • Films which show actual (not depicted) acts of destruction or property, violence, or any other criminal activity.
  • Films which depict sexual abuse.
  • Films which depict animal torture or abuse.
  • Films which display shocking, disgusting or gruesome images.
  • Films which depict or promote violent activity, extreme or real-life violence.

Profanity Guidelines for Z-Fest:

  • Excessive profanity is not acceptable.
  • Certain profanity, if it is used sparsely, it is acceptable.
  • Certain offensive language is never acceptable, such as racial slurs, homophobic language, etc.
  • Any profanity which is included for the sole purpose of being shocking and making the audience feel uncomfortable will not be allowed.
  • Keep in mind, Z-Fest films are intended for a broad audience that could include underage persons.