Film Turn-In Requirements

Film and Trailer Length

  • Films must be no more than seven minutes long.
  • In addition to the seven minutes for film content, a credit reel of no longer than one minute may be added.
  • The total of length of film plus credits can be no longer than eight minutes.
  • A 15 second (or less) title slate must be added to the end of each film (see “Title Slate” below). Does not count against your time.
  • Trailers must be no longer than 30 seconds long.
  • Trailers must be uploaded to the Shared folder in Team Google Folder in 720p (or 1080p if you like).
  • Films must be uploaded to your Team YouTube Channel in 1080p. *** Unlisted Mode *** for Online Judging.
  • Nominations must be uploaded to your Team YouTube Channel in 1080p.

USB Flash Drive

  • Teams will receive a USB flash drive in their team packets at the kick-off event
  • Teams will turn their films in on or before turn-in day on the USB flash drive provided.
  • Teams do NOT keep the USB flash drive, it is for film turn-in only
  • The USB Flash drive must contain exactly 1 file, named exactly as show below:
    • (XX = Your team number)
    • Team XX Video (this file is under seven minutes to the frame, plus one minute for credits for a total of no longer than eight minutes. Credits can be split front and back just so long as total time is one minute or less.)

Turn-In Formats For FILMS

Uploading Films and Trailers to YouTube

  • Your film will be uploaded to YouTube for judging (the same turn-in deadline applies to this).
  • Your trailer must be placed in the appropriate Google Drive folder (the same turn-in deadline applies to this).
  • Trailers and films for YouTube do NOT need to follow the above specs. We recommend a resolution of at least 1080p for best viewing quality. (720 for trailers is acceptable)
  • For help on uploading films to YouTube, see the category nominations how-to guide – Make sure your film is set to UNLISTED.
  • When your film is online, use this form to submit it – this is due at the same time as your film turn-in.


  • A standard stereo audio track is acceptable
  • Teams which are submitting a film with surround sound must ensure the audio split as .L / .R / .C / .LS / .RS / .LFE
  • Currently only 5.1 surround is accepted, not 7.1 or 9.1

Title Slate

  • A title slate will be provided to all teams and must be appended to the end of each film.
  • The team name and film title from the team status page will be used for the title slate.
  • The title slate is 15 seconds long or less. This does not count against each teams allotted time of eight minutes for film and credits.
  • The title slate will be available in each team’s Google Drive folder as a ProRes .MOV file.

Film and Sponsor Credits

  • Each film must indicate during its credit reel that it was produced for Z-Fest Film Festival.
  • Credit reels are also required to display all sponsor logos.
  • Both festival and sponsor acknowledgements must be reasonably visible.
  • Logos will be available on each teams Google Drive.
  • Z-Fest strongly encourages teams to display sponsor logos in a creative manner.