Z-Fest IV Films (2013)


Dear Daddy by Capra Creations

Episode 5 by Tiny Orphans/One Light

OneSmallProblem.com by Dangerous 20’s

Dead of Winter by Outer Rim Productions

Mercy by Iron Tumbleweed Pictures

Lima Syndrome by Thirsty Eye Shorts

Cold Warning by Pretentious Logo Entertainment

Apocalypse Tuesday by Square One Films

Kristine by Winterland Pictures

Overpass Light Brigade by Stumptown

Tourvall the Terrible by RED 23 FILMS

Twisted Sister by Killing Joke Films/Brute Force Films

Rule 37 by Expensive Wino Productions

A Hard Place by Eyetography

The Deuce by TMJ Productions

The Xsavior Show Show by Team Fluoride

Trying by ScottJFilms.com

Dawn’s Edge by 3 Tree Productions

HEAVY by Lizard Queen

Sleep by LPDP

The Problem With Murder by Critical Mass Productions

Superparanormal Research Squad by Green Sea

Hide My Thunder by Two Jackets Productions

Allure by Colliding Pictures

HANK by Xtreme

The 7 Deadly Sins by Lawn Gnome Studios

Christmas Spirit by The Juxta-Posers

Tongue Swallow by The Smell of Burnt Hair Productions

The Story by Minnesota Nice

Last to Know by JD Films

Vows by Moss Studios

The Endangered Dreamer by Square Footage Productions

Least of My Brothers by Does That Make Sense? Productions

Frankenstein in Love by Big Bang Productions

Collect Your Things by Thousand Pie Pictures

Hysterical by Arc Light Productions

Beerly Loaded by 3rd Films

Adventures in Dogsitting by Robots/Humans Productions

Escape from Cellia-4 by Sinséar Productions

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