Z-Fest VI Films (2015)

Clean Cut - 1st Place

Clean Cut by Untitled

Lincoln 666 - 2nd Place

Lincoln 666 by Thirsty Eye Shorts

Percipient - 3rd Place

Percipient by MarKei Photo and Video

Out OF Zen - 4th Place

Out of Zen by Why Create Films

Cami Leon Should Have Said No

Cami Leon Should Have Said No by Alpha Blue

Good Birthday

Good Birthday by Kobamm Productions

Vessel - 7th Place

Vessel by Peachmonkeywater

Cafe Noir 8th Place

Café Noir by JD Films

A Light At The Laundromat - 9th Place

Light At The Laundromat by Hello Sunshine Films


The Big F You by Nerdy Bird Productions

The Threshold - 10th Place (tie)

The Threshold by Harbinger Pictures

Human Season

Human Season by Big Bang Productions

The Art of Chester Z Arthur

The Art of Chester Z. Arthur by Episode VII Teaser Trailer

Z Thinking

Z Thinking by TMJ Productions

Three's Company

Three’s Company by Fancy Mustard


Trolling by Lake Drive Productions


Foursome by Northern Iron Productions



Deal Breaker

Deal Breaker by Endless Productions

The American Dream

The American Dream by Two Island Productions


Snowed by Tiny Orphans Prod. Co

Bite The Bullet

Bite the Bullet by Juxtaposers

The Monster Within

The Monster Within by Beau Désastre


Tread by We’ll Fix It In Post Productions

Torpedo The Damned

Torpedo the Damned by The Pink and Yellow Lie Machine


Smize by Green Sea Productions

One Eyed Jack

‘One-Eyed Jack’ by Ocean-Deep


The Somnambulist by Distant Bronze Pictures

The Debate

The Debate by Danger Vision

I Killed Lisa Jacobs

I Killed Lisa Jacobs by Outlaw ETC


Z.E.T.A. Force by Fire Flint Films

Rule of Threes

Rule of Threes by PaperCuts Productions


Managing Z.E.T.A. Force: Code Name Aspire by Fire Flint Films


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