Registration Information

Z-Fest wants YOU!  To make a film – or at least help make one.

One of our founding/guiding tenets is:  If you make a film, we WILL show it on the big screen so you can bring all of your friends and family to see it.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete newbie, we want you, and the other teams want you.  If you don’t want to field your own team, throw out a post on our Facebook page – everybody needs more help.

Let’s face it – filmmaking is a passion.  Well, come and get it.  We are here to help.


Here Are All The Links You Need To Register:

Entry Forms and Info  Control Element Entry Fees
Student Discount Code  Festival Rules Content Guidelines


More Information:

Overview FAQ’s  Turn-In Requirements, & Tutorials
Third Party Music Guidelines  Awards and Prizes Trailer Contest


Registered Teams Waivers and Release Forms:

Once you’ve registered, download this zip file to get the document packet with release forms, checklists, etc.