The Films

That’s what Z-Fest is all about, right?  Here is where you can watch the films – new and old.

Remember, each one of these films was made specifically for Z-Fest by local talent (yay!), so give them some props.

So many years, so much hard work, so many films, so much fun.

Just because a festival ends, doesn’t mean a film has to go away.

We want to continue to screen these films wherever and however possible, because isn’t that what a filmmaker wants?

So come out to a screening near you, attend the festival events, and/or sit down in front of your computer or smart tv and watch the films online.  Tell your friends!

Festival Screenings – purchase tickets here!

Vote for your favorite film Right Now in the online trailer contest!

Watch Films From Past Years Online

Other Upcoming Screenings (outside of the festival)

Other Local Film Festivals

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