Z-Fest III Films (2012)


Jabberwocky by Flight Creative Media/Star Wipe Productions

Untitled by Ryan Taylor Visual

Len’s Helper by Dangerous 20’s

Viscosity by Killing Joke/Brute Force Films

Seeking Sasquatch by Team Yeti

Blood Terror of the Night Fiend by Tiny Orphans Prod. Co.

Charlie by YOLO Film Productions LLC

God’s Gift by Woolly Rhino Productions

Cake Eater by Revelusive

Good Cop, Better Cop II by Thirsty Eye Shorts

The Jump Kick Story by ScottJFilms.com

The Digit by TMJ Productions

After I Kill Mrs. Pritchett I’m Coming After You by Filmmakers Anonymous

The Interview by Cloud 9 Films

The World’s Greatest Lover by Expensive Wino Productions

Wrong by Anderson-Desmond Productions

Grounds for Dismissal by Robots Vs Humans

Comfort Food by 328 Productions

The Con Artist by Minnesota For Fun Film

A Girl’s Dream by Princesses

Title Seventeen (The Dubber) by Kuitzak Productions

Laugh Track by Cold Lake Productions

The Gamble by Kurosled Productions

Set Up by Maverick Entertainment

Growth by The Moose Megalodons

Jar Jar Binks Ruined My Life by Big Bang Productions

Inquest by Lysergism

Nawa Giizhigong by L.I.L.L.A.H.

The Collectors by DumbFoundDead

Protection, Man by Seamless Spider

Interesting by The 3rd Films

Simulationship by Morefog

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