Z-Fest V Films (2014)


Knuckle by Critical Mass Productions

Eighty-Sixed by Kobamm Productions

Windage by Outer Rim Productions

Three Card Draw by TruHaven Studio

Death Bed by Thirsty Eye Shorts

Meanwhile, at the Citadel of Superheroes… by Two Jackets Productions

Buddy and Delilah by A.R.O.

Other by Always Be Closing

It’s What Artists Do by Jason Trimble Films

From Winter or a River by Jon

The Yanam Parable by RED 23 FILMS

Carrot Cake by Capra Creations

Watch Over Me by Big Bang Productions

Sonnet 71 by TMJ Productions

A Year and a Day by Sunny-A-Bunch Production

Together (For the Kids) by Evanoah Films

2021 by Head Feathers Only

Here’s to Old Friends by Killing 23

Breakroom Junkies by MarKei Photo and Video

Zeke and the All-Inclusive Cat House by Bruggertoons

Hatch by REFT Light Productions

A Tale of Fire and Ice by Endless Page

Fight Me by Not Penny’s Boat

A Noble Quest by Green Sea Productions

Saving the End by Ocean~Deep Music and Films LLC

Smackdown! by TMJ Productions

Grumpy Old Bernard by Fingerstache

By Other Means by BOM

Biology 101 by Pretentious Logo Entertainment

Z by Stumptown

Wiggle Room by Slam Productions

The Casting Director by Phylo Films

The Memories of Eddie Stone by Paper Universe Films

The Hidden Forest by Unproductive Productions

Bedtime Stories by Endless Productions

Minnesota Vice by Flush Studios

Rosecrans Boulevard by MacroTiger

Hollywood Extra!!! by Guy Manly Presents

For the Love of Dance by LTB Productions

Bros Before Hos by MSB Kaizen Digital Productions

Bedim My Beating Heart by Pstoftey Productions

Special Report by Guy Manly Presents

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